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I needed this song today, truly.

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creme-beige-brown fashion vibes are waiting for you HERE! Follow my instagram for a promo to 12k+ or a shoutout on IG <3

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In case you forgot what I look like have a low quality coffee shop selfie

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@kae_keller challenged me to share my favorite passage of scripture. I couldn’t come up with a favorite (it’s the Bible- everything is too good!) but I chose this because for this season, Psalm 28:7 is my life verse (I must like it a lot, considering the reference is on the inside of my wrist). I challenge @nerdgirl013 @timberjackchris and @liveslifegreater to share a treasured passage of scripture as well!

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Coming from a state champion baker:


If y’all use a decent box mix and use melted butter instead of vegetable oil, an extra egg, and milk instead of water, no one can tell the difference. I sure as hell can’t. 

Also, if you add a little almond extract to vanilla cake, or a little coffee to chocolate cake, it sends it through the roof. 

This concludes me attempting to be helpful. 

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Greer G Photo

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The glories of nature. What are men compared to rocks and mountains?

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